RD4E Research & Development for Energy & Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)

Research & Development for Energy & Internal Combustion Engines 

Solutions for simultaneous Reduction of CO2 and NOx Emissions of the ICE

Ultra-Downsizing: Implementation of Real-Atkinson cycles (cycle with Extended Expansion stroke) using the VCSR Asymmetrical Crank Drive (continuous Variable Compression and Stroke Ratios).

Prof. PhD ME Victor Gheorghiu



Sustainable Mobility & Energy Transition in a Changing Climate (html)


Paper: Ultra-Downsizing of DI hydrogen-fueled VCSR ICEs (H2-ICEs).

An Alternative to Fuel Cells EV (FCEV) and pure EV that is equally efficient, fully recyclable, inexpensive and significantly more reliable, or:

How should innovative Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) be developed, operated and built in order to turn from climate sinners into climate savers?


Thesis 00: Sustainable Mobility & Sustainable Energy System Transition against Global Warming (nMnEW)

Annex 1:   Milestones on the R&D path to VCSR ICE

Annex 2:   Sustainable Mobility by Use of Hydrogen fueled ICE

Thesis 07: Justification of the economic viability of the proposed solution and Efficiency advantage of the VCSR ICE with UD Load Control operated with H2 as the main drive source for sustainable mobility, instead of EV and FCEV, as well as for the Re-Conversion of stored H2 to electricity. A presentation as Spider- or Radar-Chart.


Thesis 10: The VCSR ICE solution is at least 20% more effective than the classic ICE one. Proof of the increased efficiency of VCSR ICE in relation to classic ICE (so far only in German)






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